of Generative AI

Learn about the ethical consequences of Gen AI to ensure it aligns with social values and regulation.

Generative AI (GenAI) is reaching the peak in the hype cycle, and it is also making a transformative impact in our society. It offers numerous applications with highly beneficial effects but potential unintended impacts on individuals must not be overlooked.

It is crucial to address the ethical consequences to ensure that its development and deployment aligns with societal values.

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In this whitepaper you will find:

· Analysis of generative AI within the context of the European Union framework. You will find an assessment on how this technology aligns (or doesn't align) with the Trustworthy AI requirements outlined by the European Commission in 2019.

· Review how the AI Act, introduced in 2021, will impact the development of these types of technologies, specially, regarding the update on Generative AI.

The use of technology responsibly is essential, as well as following good practice guides and implementing effective government solutions. Download the document to learn more.

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