Data Marketplace:
Unlocking Data value

Learn about how to create an authentic data marketplace within your organization to benefit your business.

Data Marketplace is the single point of access to enterprise data products or assets. It represents the essential evolution of data utilization and marks an important step towards data democratization.

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Why does data democratization matter?

Data starts to deliver its full value when it becomes freely searchable by every team and individual within an organization and its authorized ecosystem.In this whitepaper you will find information about how to move from data warehouses, repositories, and data lakes, with specialized search tools, to an authentic Data Marketplace.

For this purpose, it is necessary to establish: Data culture, Governance regime, Intuitive interfaces and Centralization of data access

Without forgetting important challenges to consider: Privacy Integration with data lifecycle management, People management,Standarization and Interoperability, Volume, Velocity Quality, Veracity.Secure Data Storage and Transmission and Access, Workflow and Usage Controls.

Each enterprise is unique and their path to implementation of a Data Marketplace must reflect their own complexity and the specific context of its organization.

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