Navigating the GenAI Revolution

A strategic guide to harnessing the power of Generative AI in your organization

Generative AI heralds a transformative era for industries. This whitepaper aims at demystifying the role of generative AI, its components, and address associated hype and potential pitfalls. It offers an insider's perspective and introduces NTT DATA’s adoption framework, designed to help organizations not just keep up but excel in this dynamic field.

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The rise of GenAI-driven organizations

Businesses are increasingly drawn to the possibilities offered by Generative AI (GenAI) for their ventures. Yet, to effectively integrate this technology into their workflows, organizations should first evaluate how GenAI can complement their strategic goals and improve overall business results.

NTT DATA presents an insightful handbook for leveraging the potential of generative AI within your organization.

Key takeaways:

- Unravelling GenAI, its components, common misconceptions, and addressing associated hype. Analysis of the urge to implement and associated risks and highlights common blind spots during implementation, particularly in Data Management practices.

- Advantages and diverse applications of GenAI and benefits of advocating for the synergistic integration of traditional AI and GenAI to leverage their combined strengths.

- We present NTT DATA’s proposed adoption framework, tailored in response to the rise of generative AI and the operational and technical needs of this technology.

- Introduction to NTT DATA’s guide to initiate this process, including a maturity assessment with self-reflection inquiries that materializes in an actionable roadmap for organizations to kickstart their GenAI journeys.

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